The sun is up on the day we celebrate our freedom. Picnics, fireworks, family and friends. Happy 4th of July everyone!

As I was contemplating the idea of freedom and all the privileges I enjoy in this country my mind couldn’t help but wander to the other side of the globe where the sun is sinking lower while mine is coming up.

In that place a young African mama is knotting a dirty strip of cloth around her leg and her child’s, binding them together, because the threat of human-traffickers is as close and real as the pain in her empty belly. As she closes her eyes, whimpers from her hungry daughter fill her ears and salty tears trail down her cheeks. Overwhelmed and alone, she wonders if she’ll ever have enough—if she’ll ever be enough.

Stories like that used to make me cry in frustration and sadness, but also from a feeling of powerlessness. My heart would break, but I felt paralyzed by my own inadequacy in the face of such overwhelming needs.

Maybe you’ve felt the same way.

But something changed for me this past week…because I spent time with some wonderful people at Convoy of Hope who are literally changing the world and stomping out poverty one woman and girl at a time–and it’s so easy to help them! They are empowering women in 6 nations to begin and sustain their own businesses and break the cycle of generational poverty.

As I listened to story after story and saw the smiling faces of women and children who have been impacted by this ministry I couldn’t help but feel empowered myself. When I realized it only takes $25 to put a girl into their empowered girls program for an entire YEAR! And a woman can begin her own business—lifting her and those who depend on her out of poverty forever—for only $1,000, something inside of me said “I can do something! I can help! I can make a difference.”

Maybe when you read those numbers you thought the same thing! I can DO SOMETHING!!

So this 4th of July I want to celebrate my freedom by offering freedom from poverty to a woman who so desperately needs it. If you’d like to join me you can check out Convoy of Hope and donate here.

Or if you, or somebody you know, has been struggling with doubts and questions about God you can buy a copy of my new book Holy Doubt: Finding Hope When Faith is a Struggle and 20% of the profits go directly to Convoy’s work to empower women.

Together we can make a difference! We can DO SOMETHING! That’s my kind of freedom. Happy 4th!