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Hey there! I'm Erica

And I believe honesty and authenticity

are the key to deepening

your most important relationships

How Honest Are You?

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Right about now you might be wondering...

how in the world honesty is going to change your relationship with the people who matter most to you?

I’m glad you asked. I believe there’s power in honesty. Not the sad kind used as a weapon to wound, destroy, and tear down, though that has power too. I’m talking about the authentic kind that connects with the soul of another human being and says, You’re not the only one, I’ve felt the same way!
The kind of honesty that sparks a revolution of healing and hope which, let’s face it, is something we could all use a little more of from time to time.

But someone has to drop the act and be honest in order for that connection to happen...

So here’s my commitment to you…I’ll go first. I promise to be as honest as I can and say the things we’re all thinking out loud (or in this case, on screen). Because sometimes all we need to hear is, “Congrats! You’re normal! I’ve had that same thought!” It’s freeing just to know that all of the thoughts we believe need to be filed into the category of “that which cannot be named” can not only be named, but should be brought to Jesus so he can help us work out our messy stuff (because, believe me, I can’t work it out on my own!). So if the thought of complete honesty makes you cringe like you’re about to get rear-ended by a tractor trailer–Congrats! You’re normal!

But I want to help you move past the dread and live honestly because I know what's it's like to not be honest.

I know how much it costs to go through life hiding.

I know, because it almost cost me my relationship with God, my husband, and my family. You can read more about that in the "About Erica" section.

And to help us move beyond simply putting our thoughts and feelings into words I’ve created a section called “Gut Check and Action Steps” at the end of every blog post to give you practical strategies to apply the ideas we talked about to your life and relationships. So now I just have one question for you…

Are you feeling brave?

Then it's time to drop the act

because honest really is better! (I promise)