Hi Friends!

I just wanted to take a quick minute to send a great big “Thank You!” to everyone who helped with the launch of my new book Holy Doubt, and to tell you about some valuable FREE resources to go along with the book!

Holy Doubt: Finding Hope When Faith is a Struggle, debuted on Amazon May 9th (click here to buy it now), spending a few days as a bestseller in 3 categories–which exceeded my wildest dreams and expectations. God is indeed good!

If you haven’t had a chance to read it yet, I promise you won’t regret it. It’s a quick read and this is a snapshot of what people are saying about it on Amazon:

“You are captured in the very first chapter. Honestly, if you have ever struggled with faith, wondered where God was during your darkest times, or questioned the trustworthiness and goodness of God during difficult times, you need to read this book. So raw, transparent, and real, you will be encouraged by Erica’s story.”–Marissa
“Once I started reading, I just could not put the book down. The story that Erica weaves of her time in India is engaging and captivating. Most everyone has asked the question – “God, why would you allow me to go through….”, but we don’t always voice that question out loud for fear that we just don’t have enough faith. Erica bravely shares her innermost feelings during an emotionally raw time to show that it’s OK to question God and our faith in order to get to the place of full dependence on God.”–Angela
“I seriously could not put it down! She is such a captivating & inspiring writer! Be ready to be encouraged is all I have to say! Loved every part of it!!”–Samantha
I’m so incredibly grateful for all of the love and support from everyone who helped make the launch of the book such a success and I wanted to make several resources available for FREE on my website. On the Holy Doubt page of www.droppingtheact.com you can find bonus content to go along with the book including a free in-depth chapter-by-chapter study guide, a deleted chapter from the book, and links to interviews (with more to be added soon–including videos!). It’s a great site chock-full of FREE resources to enhance your experience with the book. Share it with your friends and let me know what you think (and your suggestions for future content)!
Thanks again for being on the journey with me!–Erica
If haven’t read it yet–no worries! You can get it on Amazon today