I have BIG news people!

And I feel like shouting it from the rooftop (or from the blog—the blog is easier because I really don’t like heights).

Yesterday I submitted my manuscript for Holy Doubt to my editor (Hallelujah!), and I wanted you all to be among the first to know. Mind you, it’s just the first round of edits so it’s still a work in progress. But progress is being made! I’m one step closer to seeing a dream fulfilled–my first book published.

Many of you have been with me since I first started writing pieces of this story over five years ago, which is based on my experiences with doubt while we were missionaries in India. And I feel like you all should be as much a part of celebrating with me as anyone. Your words, telling me what sharing my story has meant to you, and those of you who shared your stories with me, have been the inspiration to keep me going when it would have been easier to quit (which was often).

The book is going to address some tough questions like: Is God good? Can he be trusted? and Does God cause bad things to happen to us? If you, or someone you know, are struggling with these questions I believe Holy Doubt will be a must-read.

After a lot of thought and prayer, I’ve decided to self-publish. Which is something I never wanted to do, even though there are considerable advantages including a quicker publishing date (tentatively May 9th!) and more creative control. But I wanted the validation of a publisher approving me and my words. I wanted them to say that my message was worthwhile. But mostly, the idea of self-publishing terrified and overwhelmed me with everything I need to know and all the things I don’t know–including the things I don’t know that I don’t know. Yikes!

That’s where you come in my friends.

I want to invite anyone who’s interested in spreading the word about the book in the weeks leading up to May 9th to be part of my launch team. If you want more details about what being part of the launch team means and/or want the inside scoop about the book launch (including special sneak-peeks) please email me at erica@droppingtheact.com. I will send out an email in the weeks ahead with more details to those who are interested.

Thanks for being part of my story! (And please keep me in your prayers over the next few months)